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Guidelines that Will Enable You Choose an Online Assessment Software Developer

Due to the COVID 19 which has affected a lot of things which are society education included, it is good that people take the advantage of the online platforms to keep their students on the check and ensure that they do not miss the education at this time. Health is of very great importance and […]

Understanding About Online Marking Software

Research shows that technology is moving very fast. Schools around the world are working very hard to stay updated to the current technology. One of the things that have come up courtesy of technology is online marking software. We all know that technology has led to the improvement of very many things, one of them […]

Tips on How to Choose the Best Remote Invigilation Software Company

Even time like now life must go on and this is in respect to the fact that we are battling corona-virus and we have to go one with our daily routines such as learning. Going by the fact that a candidate can access network connection in an exceptional way then that means that they can […]