Understanding About Online Marking Software

Research shows that technology is moving very fast. Schools around the world are working very hard to stay updated to the current technology. One of the things that have come up courtesy of technology is online marking software. We all know that technology has led to the improvement of very many things, one of them […]

The Usefulness Of Choosing Online Marking Software

Exams are an inevitable part of education and as long as people keep studying when people must keep doing exams. These days many learning institutions are embracing online learning this has kept teachers at a point where they must use online marking tools as well. There is a possibility that as a tutor or an […]

Reasons Why You Need Remote Proctoring Services

Online proctoring ensures that educators prevent cheating during examinations that is why remote protocoling is being introduced. The system enables one to identify the students learning behavior when students are taking exams online. Using remote proctoring has life-changing advantages on the school system, and there are more things to learn about the software. The system […]

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